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The only Limitation, is Your Imagination



     Electrical and PLC pre-wired, Pneumatics and Valves pre-plumbed, Touch Screens pre-programmed

                     Manufacture your tooling\ fixtring, insert the toolset and write your PLC program.


Manufacturers don’t buy a new     machine tool for every part; they simply re-tool and change programs. SPECTECH follows these same  principles.

Purchase a system that is versatile and expandable.

*Full Enclosure *

*Plug & Play Expandability*

*External Ethernet Port & 110Vac  Outlet*

*8 Cu. Ft. Work Area*

*800 Lbs. Clamping Force*

*20 Pneumatic Valves *

*32 24 V dc Inputs*

*16 Switchable Outputs 110Vac\24Vdc*


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             A Special Machine Platform

SPECTECH solves the ages old issue of  replacing a special machine when a part  changes or model changeover occurs. SPECTECH quick change toolsets allows manufacturers to seamlessly transition to another part. SPECTECH recognizes the  pre-programmed toolset, loads the program and clamps the toolset in place; production resumes.