The management group at SPECTECH has several decades of custom special machine building experience for various industries including Tier 1 & Tier 2 automotive. The management groupís knowledge base has been in Engineering , Automation and the Tool & Die industry.


Through our years of designing and building special equipment, we realized the need to standardize the special machine industry. As the pick n place sector did many years ago, we envisioned the special machine industry to use a format that would include inputs, outputs, valves and the PLC on a base unit that was quickly purchased and adapted to the end users needs. The unit could also be expandable and flexible to accommodate several jobs with a modular design.


SPECTECH was designed and developed over several years with the end-users ability to be flexible and quickly adapt to new manufacturing challenges as the main objective. With our modular design, tool sets can be added for new parts years after purchase of the original machine. The components for the new part fixturing can be mounted to the toolset and the program written in a relatively short amount of time compared to the old method of special machine building.



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Modular Flexible Manufacturing Cell

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The only limitation, is your imagination


A Special Machine thatís ready to run

Electrical and PLC pre-wired, Pneumatics and Valves pre-plumed, Touch screens pre-programmed.

All you have to do is make your tooling, slip it in, and write your tooling program.

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