Single & Double Tool Set


Single Tool Set



If no upper clamping is needed or you wish to clamp or hold with your work piece with the lower tooling, then this tool set may be used



10 Pneumatic Outputs

8†† Electrical outputs 24VDC and/or 110VAC

16 24VDC Inputs



Double Tool Set



If upper clamping is needed, then this tool set may be used



20 Pneumatic Outputs

16 Electrical outputs 24VDC and/or 110VAC

32 24VDC Inputs




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Modular Flexible Manufacturing Cell

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The only limitation, is your imagination

A Special Machine thatís ready to run

Electrical and PLC pre-wired, Pneumatics and Valves pre-plumed, Touch screens pre-programmed.

All you have to do is make your tooling, slip it in, and write your tooling program.

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