Optional Features


Doors Upper and Lower

Upper and Lower doors may be added to any side by removing the old panel and simply bolting on the new door.

Quick disconnect & blow gun hanger

Bolts to the left front of the machine, run your air line and your ready to go.

Expansion Electrical & Communication box

Add controlled outlets and communications to the sides, or to the table surface of any expansion cabinet or table. Then plug it in to the back of the main electrical box.


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Modular Flexible Manufacturing Cell

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Machine Dolly System

Bolts to the sides and back of the machine, also can be bolted to the expansion cabinets and tables.

Tool Set Loader Cart

Makes loading and unloading the Tool Sets easy. Hydraulically adjustable up and down.

All doors come with lockable handles.

The emergency stop feature for the Upper door is already built into the main machine. Just plug it in and your ready to run.


The only limitation, is your imagination

A Special Machine thatís ready to run

Electrical and PLC pre-wired, Pneumatics and Valves pre-plumed, Touch screens pre-programmed.

All you have to do is make your tooling, slip it in, and write your tooling program.

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